Sydney Roberts ASID

Born in Yorkshire, England, Sydney feels that his unique photographic vision is influenced by the great British landscape artists, such as Constable and Turner.  His collection of fine art giclees  are also influenced by his romantic vision of the Impressionist  schoool of art.  Essentially, he paints a picture with his camera in two styles, photo-realism and photo-impressionism.  Sydney works in Bergen County, New Jersey wher4e he is well-known as a professional interior designer as well as a fine art artist.  His works are proudly owned and displayed in homes and offices in the US and the UK.

Sydney's signature artwork is "The Great Falls"  of Paterson, New Jersey.  A five foot wide gallery wrapped giclee of the magnificent falls by Sydney is on display at the Great Falls Museum in Paterson, New Jersey.

Sydney's beautiful image of the Presentation Window  from the Lady Chapel at Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland was selected as the University's 2009 Christmas card which was circulated around the world.

His amazing portfolio of fine art photographs captures his special vision of England, France, Italy and the US.  These giclees  have been on display in many venues in the metro area, including Art Expo in New York City.

Each individual giclee is a limited edition of 250 and is signed and numbered by Sydney.  This gallery is  a small but typical representation of  his entire collection of giclees.